Reading Notes 1-9-17

1. Tim Wu: 'The Internet is like the classic story of the party that went sour' (Guardian)

Short read and interview with Tim Wu. Each great communication technology - the radio, television, the telephone - started out as "creative and chaotic" but ended up captured by industrial interests. The internet is no different. As a medium, it provides society with an abundance of information, which is paid for by harvesting our attention. Eventually, society revolts against the technology, hence ad blockers, or abandons it. 

2. The U.S. Media's Problems Are Much Bigger than Fake News and Filter Bubbles (Bharat N. Anand - HBR)

Summary of the continuing issues leading to the fake news mess media companies are in. Unless the economics change, the media will probably cover the next election the same way. 

3. The 10 Year Anniversary of the Apple TV (Stratechery)

The iPhone was announced at the same event.