Reading Links 1-22-18

  • Pope Francis says Amazon indigenous people under greater threat than ever - Guardian - “The group hoped the pope would call on the Peruvian state to grant them formal land titles for some 200,000 sq km of land, it said, as well as urge the government to clean up rivers poisoned with mercury used in illegal gold mining. Most of Puerto Maldonado’s residents have mercury in their systems at well over safe levels while measurements for indigenous communities are even higher – particularly women and children….”
  • Burning Wood For Power May Be Worse Than Coal - Renewables Now - "The researchers note that energy efficiency, solar and wind power, and energy storage are “the cheapest, safest, and quickest ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions” and point out that the goal of the analysis is not to defend the continued use of coal -- the most carbon intensive fuel."
  • U.S. Oil Output Expected to Surpass Saudi Arabia, Rivaling Russia for Top Spot - WSJ - “Rising shale output enables the U.S. to reach some of the world’s fastest-growing markets including China, which is increasingly at the heart of the battle for market share. The U.S. wasn’t a player there at all until recently. Five years ago, Saudi Arabia provided nearly 20% of China’s oil imports. But Saudi Arabia has ceded some of that to Russia and increasingly the U.S.”