Wednesday Links

The Sports Linchpin (stratechery): Live sports is delaying the decline of broadcast TV ad revenues. It's coming though. 

From Live TV to Facebook Live (L2 Inc): Content creators like E! and CNBC are broadcasting on Facebook Live, Snapchat, Periscope and YouTube. 

Imaging, Snapchat and Mobile ( Expanding the definition and use of camera sensors on mobile devices. 

Instagram Is Recommending Even More Video For You To Watch (recode)

Thursday Morning Links

• Video (and mobile) first but one size fits none. (link)

• The military's growing role and the changing definition of war. (link)

• With enough educated workers in the economy, college may not pay off. (link

• Facebook wants to play a bigger role in education. (link)

Will this eventually cause the education and income gap to widen? 

• Nasa partners to build habitats on Mars by 2030 (link)

• Sensory marketing won't make your beer taste better yet. (link)